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Diversity and Inclusion at SMP
Lighting the Way Forward
Diversity and Inclusion at SMP

We’ve come a long way, but there’s still room for improving gender parity in the STEM fields. SMP’s female staff weigh in on challenges facing them in the industry and their advice to other women looking to join the ranks.

Designing Electrical Systems for Net-Zero Carbon at the University of Calgary’s MacKimmie Complex Redevelopment
Net-Zero Hero
Designing Electrical Systems for Net-Zero Carbon at the UofC’s MacKimmie Complex Redevelopment

An unmistakable feature in the heart of the University of Calgary Campus, the MacKimmie Complex Redevelopment is designed to meet the Canada Green Building Council’s Net Zero Carbon Standard. We break down the detailed electrical considerations that go into achieving Net Zero Carbon.

The Integrated Project Delivery Process
Stop,  Collaborate and Listen
The Integrated Project Delivery Process

The Integrated Project Delivery process is rising in popularity throughout the industry. We cover the key differences and takeaways for this process - and where it can add significant value to a project.

Tips and Suggestions for Illuminating Your Remote Office
Shedding Some Light on the Situation
Tips and Suggestions for Illuminating Your Remote Office

As we adjust to a new normal, you may find yourself in a new situation working at home. Here’s what you need to know to help make your remote office as comfortably lit as possible.

So you want to build a grow op
The Nuances of Backup Power Systems
What Type of Backup Power is Appropriate?

While city power providers often have excellent reliability, outages happen and the impact is left completely in your court.

So you want to build a grow op
Is Solar PV Competitive in Alberta?
Here's a Look at the Payback Period for Roof-Mounted Solar Photovoltaics (PV)

For the last 3 years, Albertans have been the beneficiary of extremely low electricity prices. 2018 has seen electricity prices climb back up to pre-recession levels, thanks to new legislation and a recovering industrial sector.

So you want to build a grow op
So you want to build a grow op...
Commercial Buildings and the Trend Towards Larger Electrical Services

New technology trends are rapidly increasing the power requirements for buildings. New markets seem to have sprung up almost overnight, including cryptocurrency mining and legal cannabis cultivation.

Technology Used
They’re not Just Dollar signs and Triangles!
The Technology Used to Document the
Technology in Your Facility.

Of all disciplines, Electrical deliverables are by far the most schematic in nature. Aside from electrical equipment & some lighting fixtures, very few of the items on electrical drawings are drawn to scale.

Kicking The Tires
Kicking the Tires
What is electrical equipment testing,
and what does it do for me?

Fiat Chrysler recalled almost 4 million vehicles in 2017; the most of the major car manufacturers. While in most cases the owners of these cars won’t have to pay for the maintenance, they will have to deal with an unplanned disruption to their schedule.

Colour Temperature
Colour Temperature – The Coolest Light in the Hottest Flame
Demystifying CCT & the Colour of White Light

Every day we move through spaces filled with white light – our homes, our offices, stores, restaurants, gyms, and of course the great outdoors. As you experience these different environments are you aware of how the colour of the white light changes?

Lighting Controls
Lighting Controls - Moving Beyond the Relay Cabinet
How Wireless Technologies in Lighting Controls Can Save Money on Your Next Building Project.

If you have ever flicked a switch to turn on the lights at any institutional building, office tower, or school, chances are pretty good that you have used a low voltage, relay-based, lighting control system.

Dollar Signs and Triangles
Dollar Signs and Triangles
Demystifying Electrical Drawings and Design

Are you a building owner who is looking to know how a recent code change might affect your new or existing building? Are you looking for ways to reduce your environmental impact or reduce your energy costs? Are you an architect looking to provide your client with a leading edge building? Looking for advice on a new technology?

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